The Story

Changing the life of children around the world

There is nothing more valuable than the innocence of a child. Tragically, the innocence of millions of children is stolen everyday by being abandoned on the streets or being sold into a life of prostitution and slave labor.  


The Road To Slavery or Abandonment

Kidnapped by a dealer and sold into slavery // Families living in poverty sell their children in order to live or pay for drug habits // Children are forced on the street because of a parent’s death or lack of care.

Poverty is the leading cause for a child to become abandoned or sold into slavery.

The End Of The Road

Abuse, Malnutrition, Prostitution, Drug Addiction, Death

How we can help

Through your generosity and online purchases, Born Brave support and builds homes for orphans and homes to rehabilitate victims of trafficking. Born Brave partners with organizations like: Inspire International and Angel House.

 $2 Provides 

A life saved from abuse, addiction, and early death // A renewed mind and sense of self-value // Empowered with education and vocational training to start a business and be successful // After leaving the orphanage or treatment facility, the individuals are free to create a new life.

 How can you help?

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