Do Something Brave

A couple of weeks ago - “Do Something Brave” suddenly had a new meaning to me personally. Long story short (in a long story😉) 5 years ago we wanted to grow our family, add another brother or sister to our first son. 2 years went by with no results. After tests and dr. visits we came to find out my chances for pregnancy was only 2% (the news was a shock and my heart was grieving) How can that be possible when we got pregnant right away with our first one? 2-3 years ago we started to look in to adoption. After waiting and waiting and experiencing no movements, my heart grew weary. I came to a point where I just couldn’t do this anymore. Too much un-known and heart ache and disappointments. I just broke down. I was done with this. Didn’t wanna go through this anymore. At that time we were also looking into and considering foster care, but I wasn’t sure if my heart could handle it at that point. But from past experience of seeing Gods faithfulness in my life and our life as a family, I knew I had to be surrounded by his presence and his word. Build my faith... “Jesus, see my brokenness and help me in my unbelief”. During a conference at my church (Victory), I went to every service I could. One night at the conference a word was spoken and something happen in my heart. It felt like an explosion, something powerful took place. I felt like God was doing a "heart surgery" on me. I felt new strength and my faith was restored. As a result, I started experiencing healing and direction from God. My husband and I felt confident that God was directing us toward the road of foster care.
I believe adoption and foster care is very close to Gods heart.
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress......” (James 1:27 NIV)
We know this is totally different from adoption. It’s been a long journey before we came to this point. Praying, thinking, considering, meetings. Lots of unknowns. But most importantly open up our home to a child who needs peace, safety and to be loved. But we are confident in our decision, and this is what leads to what happen a couple of weeks ago. I was putting on my necklace (as usual) and I was reminded of my slogan I put on it about 3 years ago “Do Something Brave”. It suddenly had another meaning to me. It became personal and real. We are stepping out of the boat (our comfort zone, the known), walking on water (the unknown) and believe God got this. We are now pursuing and soon to be licensed foster parents. We are expectant and excited. "Walk by faith, and not by sight..."  (2 Corinthians 5:7)
With Love,
Janne Coussens 


  • So proud of you Janne! Believing that Your faithfulness will reach the world one foster child at a time!! It’s a beautiful story! Love you!

    Rachel Adams
  • So excited for your new journey and God will bless you and those children through it all!!

    Jaimie Nussbaum

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